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Chương trình Manidoo Ningadoodem (Family Spirit)

The Manidoo Ningadoodem (Family Spirit) Program is currently the largest, most rigorous, and only evidence-based home-visiting program designed specifically for Native American families. Over 1,000 Native families have received Family Spirit services since its inception. The program is designed to be delivered by Native American paraprofessionals as a core strategy to support young, Native parents from pregnancy to 3 years post-partum. It is an honor and privilege to provide tis comprehensive program to interested families.
Program Objectives
• Increase parenting knowledge and skills
• Address maternal psychosocial risks that could interfere with positive child rearing
• Promote optimal physical, cognitive, social/emotional development for children ages 0-3
• Prepare children for early school success
• Ensure children get recommended well-child visits and health care
• Link families to community services that address specific needs
• Promote parents’ and children’s life skills and behavioral outcomes across the lifespan
How often do we meet?
Our Health Educators will do home visits with you weekly, monthly, or whatever your schedule allows. You can follow the specially designed curriculum of 63 lessons or choose just the lessons you want to learn about. You will be offered visits from early pregnancy until your child’s third birthday.
Walk-in or call for more information.
Eligibility Requirements
• Leech Lake Band Member
• Any woman who is pregnant and/or has a child younger than 3 years old can participate. It is especially useful for young mother sunder the age of 22 or at-risk mothers
Documents Requested
Leech Lake ID Card.
Service Area
Leech Lake Reservation and the surrounding 25 mile radius including; Beltrami, Cass, Hubbard and Itasca Counties
There is no cost for you for this program.